renovation HELL

over the last couple of weeks, our home has been in a state of renovation. Plastic throw covers over our furniture, clutter everywhere. This all began as a ‘simple’ project….

We originally planned (I originally planned, my lady had other ideas) to replace our windows. Since the interior of the house was trimmed in walnut, and the new window was made of white vinyl, my lady chose to change all the window casings and floor moldings  replacing the varnished walnut wood casings with some  sort of white paper product. Seems simple, huh?

Since the interior doors in the house were all varnished as well, that needed replacing (of course), so now we have all the casings, all the moldings, all the interior doors…what’s this? The new window is smaller than the original? That will darken the room, we need to add a bright color to the accent wall (her words, not mine). Enter lime green  accent wall. Oh No, now the other colors don’t match the accent wall. You know what that means…we need to repaint all the other walls in the living room, hallway, kitchen, dining room,  and porch to match this new  accent wall. My thoughts are “why not just change the color of the accent wall?” (of course that makes no sense), so we repaint the entire house. Finally it is done, right? Nope; now the ceiling has to be painted white to match the moldings and casings.

The ceiling was white, but apparently not the right white. In my day, white was white and black was black and there were no grey areas, but now it is all grey areas…

Right now we have a contractor replacing all the interior doors while he waits for the windows to arrive. The house is 25 years old and throughout that time (and poor work of shoddy carpenters) the openings for the new doors are all  crooked, which means more time to install them which means more money….We are fortunate to have a good dependable carpenter to do our work, as my carpenter skills range from knowing what hammer is and what a nail is and that is all.

There is, however a light at the end of the tunnel. The weekend  is coming. I just spoke  to my missus and suggested that we take the weekend for ourselves, and relax. Apparently this is ‘guy thinking’ because her response was that she couldn’t wait for the weekend so that she can start repainting the basement. Got to love her though, I do.

C’mon over when  it is all done, we are having a bbq and a few beers!


4 thoughts on “renovation HELL

  1. Home improvement projects never seem to be simple and they always take longer than anticipated. My house is 23 years old and needs a bit of work, too, and I am dreading it. I’d prefer to to just skip to the bbq and beers part! Hope it’s all done to everyone’s satisfaction soon.

  2. This all began as a ‘simple’ project….(started me off laughing!) I’ll bring the baked beans to the bbq!!

    1. now THAT sounds like a great idea. Love baked beans!! this is the second day into the renovations, and we are seeing first hand the problem with living on an island…you have to order EVERYTHING! which takes forever to come in. Glad I gave you a chuckle!

  3. We’ll need to see photos of the finished project. At a couple of hours here, and a couple of hours there from a contractor who got hantavirus evicting rats from a restaurant, we’ve been two weeks on one bathroom, and he hasn’t even looked at connecting the water line to the new fridge we called him about. “Simple Project” my ass! 😦

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