My Date with Marilyn

I met her at a masquerade party one night.

Man! Was she beautiful, love at first sight. 

She had wavy blonde hair, a perfect face, and a beauty mark on her cheek.

There were other girls there, but this one, she was unique.

Even though I struggled to hear her voice through her mask

I was sure I wanted more, a date I had to ask

I asked her name, she said Mar (something)  Monroe….  hey, things could be stranger.

WOW! Marilyn Monroe…my heart beat like a teenager!

Our date was great, everyone stared, hey, haven’t they ever seen a star?

even with  masks on our faces, we were the toast of the bar.

We threw fake bills into the sky

After all,  I am a classy guy

And as we watched the bills rain on the street

thanks to the powers that be for helping us meet

she was a wild gal, the whole night was insane

we tried to kiss, but those damn plastic masks,

kissing just wasn’t the same.

I wore my best suit, she had that famous white dress,

we searched for the perfect place

suddenly a gust of wind from a subway grate



Up goes her dress….

I must digress…

OMG! There goes the mask!

I was afraid to ask…

was that a mustache??

I think I have been conned.

you’re not a true blonde


You ain’t even a GAL

My hopes began to dishearten

As my beautiful Marilyn turned out to be a Martin!

What a horrible end to this day to have

Martin Monroe, the guy who pumps gas at Cornerstone Garage



Be sure to check out The Truth Behind My Date with Marilyn, which was the inspiration for the story.

This fictional (read FICTIONAL) piece is my entry into this week’s…Trifecta Challenge. The word this week is RAIN (Transitive Verb) <to take a lot of money and throw it into the air>


13 thoughts on “My Date with Marilyn

  1. Somehow I had a bad feeling it was going that way-too good to be true,.eh?!Darn those masks!Lol!Enjoyed this hilarious take on the prompt:-)

  2. See, this is why you should check under the mask…
    Martin must have a great figure to pass for Marilyn (:

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