different thoughts

I found out something this weekend…men and women are different. No, I don’t mean that one sex has more bumps than the other, everyone knows that, but we are different in different ways. Take for instance the way in which we think.

This past Saturday we were treated to a beautiful sunny day. Given that I live in Western Newfoundland, that is quite the mouthful. Usually around  this time of year we are up to our knees in snow (well we still are actually), but the temperature actually rose to +10 degrees Celsius (That’s 50 degrees Fahrenheit to our American cousins), which is really warm for this time of year. I woke up the minute the sun  came up, and naturally I wanted to enjoy this beautiful day.

When my lady finally awoke ( I had already ate, fed the little guy, and cleaned up after him), I approached her to see how she wanted to spend  this glorious day. I even provided a few fun suggestions such as taking a bicycle ride, going to the beach with the dogs (the shoreline has been snow free for several weeks and the dogs really needed a good run), going for a car ride somewhere, and other great ideas, and her response was  “Let’s clean  the basement”. My heart sunk.

Why spend the day in a dark basement, among the winter’s junk and dust when we could be outside? I had so much energy. Her response? “The sun obviously energized you, so why not make good use of this energy by cleaning the basement?” I could have thought many many good uses of this energy other than cleaning the basement, but like I said earlier, women and men think differently.

Okay, I tried to work with this. “How about we clean  the basement this morning, and this afternoon  we do something I want to do?”  That didn’t work, because her response was “We will see”. I remember mom telling me “We will see” and it didn’t mean  squat, I feel that this situation is much the same. What did we do in the afternoon you may be wondering? We cleaned the garage. Oh well, now that the basement and the garage is clean, that frees up next weekend…right?

Nope, she already has next weekend planned. She plans to paint the entire house. My girl is a hard worker, and yes, I know exactly how lucky I am…

6 thoughts on “different thoughts

  1. The link for the award took me to a screen that said, “You are not allowed to edit this page.”, but I know where you blog. I’ll pick up a copy of the pretty pichur and at least read the rules before I ignore them.
    Half a century, and you’re just learning how girls work?? 🙂

  2. You need an even split, imo- one day doing what she wants; one day doing what you want. There will be plenty of rainy days where indoor stuff is all you *can* do. We need to take advantage of the good days because some things- like training the horses- can ONLY happen when the sun is out or it’s light enough to see. The painting and unpacking will be there, but we have to capitalize on the investment before what’s learned gets forgotten.

    That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it! 😀

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