Trifecta Week 68: Tattered and worn

He walked tall, all six foot five of him, mostly with his head held high, looking high into the heavens. A proud man who dressed the part; but that was about it. For everyone else in town he was but a joke.

His parents had money, you could tell from the clothes he wore. Three piece suit, long sleeve shirt with solid gold cuff-links. He wore the same thing every day. We used to wonder if he washed his clothes every evening, or he had several the same style, or he just wore em dirty. Nobody ever got close enough to tell whether the clothes were clean or dirty, nobody gave a damn.

Some families would have had him committed, but his parents were too proud. They raised him and he stayed at their side until the day they had both passed, his mom and dad each in their late nineties. Then he was on his own. Alone. No brothers and sisters; I guess that after raising a son like that, they probably didn’t want any other kids. He must have caused them grief for sure. Back then nobody understood disabilities.

The first week after the funeral he walked up and down  the street, still proud, but different. His proud smile replaced with a tired frown. Sad really.

The second week his clothing grew tattered and worn, and he looked hungry. Merchants and store owners offered him food, but growing up  proud, he turned them away. Some said that he slept  in ditches, others say that he still  lived in the old house where he grew up.

By the end of the month, nobody seen him anywhere. Some worried, but most didn’t seem  to care. We rode out to his house on our bikes, and we found him.

There he lay, sprawled across the kitchen floor, his parents’ picture grasped in his hands. I guess it was his time to go. He still wore his fancy clothes, all three pieces, tattered and worn.


this is my entry into this week’s Trifecta challenge. The word is ‘time’

: an appointed, fixed, or customary moment or hour for something to happen, begin, or end <arrived ahead of time>
b : an opportune or suitable moment <decided it was time to retire> —often used in the phrase about time <about time for a change>

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