Privacy in the 21st century

This is not  sightsnbytes, rather it is an altered photo that could get the poor guy in trouble with his lady
This is not sightsnbytes, rather it is an altered photo that could get the poor guy in trouble with his lady

Above you see a photo depicting SnB getting ravished by two wordpress groupies. Before you jump to conclusions, this was not me.  This was a photo of  me  altered using easy to use software on the  website. This photo is just one example of the harm that can be caused by an overzealous imagination, a cell phone camera, and a bit of software.

Imagine a world where your every move could be photographed, or even worse, videotaped. Imagine a world where anyone could take that picture or video, upload it to a website and alter it. Sounds like science fiction to most, but this happens each and every day.

To add to this grief, a person can take your picture, and in minutes, send it to thousands of their friends, all without your permission. We don’t have rights anymore, at least not when it comes to privacy.

A while ago a friend of mine thought it was funny to take a picture of some lady who was stuck in traffic and post the picture on Facebook. The poor lady looked frustrated, and the girl who posted it thought it was a big joke. What if the lady was dealing with painful personal matters, a family death, etc? Hundreds of thoughtless people commented on the photo, poking fun  at the lady, whom of which none of them knew anything about.

Ah Facebook. Damn Facebook. I know countless people who have been hurt by pictures posted on this incredibly popular website. Pictures of people  in nightclubs, drunk and disorderly, consuming alcohol underage, half dressed, etc., all  featured on people’s Facebook  with our without anyone’s permission or knowledge. Where are our rights?

If twenty years ago or so, someone described a time where everyone  carried video equipment, and filmed you whenever they wanted, someone  would accuse you of being  paranoid. Nowadays it is quite normal. With high tech devices such as the iphone in even the biggest moron’s hands, everyone  is capable of not only videoing and photographing a person without their knowledge, but also altering the picture into whatever compromising situation they feel  fit.

This past weekend a friend of mine received a suspension from their job. Apparently he and his lady were at  a popular nightclub, drinking and dancing. Seeing how his job entails working with the public, one of his clients thought it would be fun to take a video of him dancing with his lady, and altering it so that it appeared that he was acting in a porno video. The video was then uploaded to Facebook. Sounds difficult, but it really isn’t that hard. Like the saying goes…”There’s  an app  for that!”

Personally I believe there should be a worldwide ban on cell phones  that contain cameras. At least  with a real camera, a person has some  knowledge that their privacy has  been violated. Just Saying!

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