A candy bar for your troubles

My kid came home from his bicycle ride yesterday carrying a candy bar. When we asked where he got it, he said that some guy needed directions, so he helped the guy out and was rewarded with the candy bar.

Just the thought of some  stranger stopping my son on a roadside and giving him candy scared the hell  out of me and my lady. Thank heavens our little guy had the sense not to open  the candy bar. God only knows what could have been injected in it.

It got even scarier when I questioned my son to find  out that the guy’s car was a silver SUV, the same one that made several other trips up our street. When I went after the idiot  in my truck, he took off out of  town. I made a report to the police, but since he didn’t actually do anything wrong, they couldn’t do anything.

We live in a very scary world where such acts can be considered dangerous. Those days trust is such a delicate thing that a person has to be cautious to his actions. Possibly the guy didn’t mean any harm, but when you have child abductions occurring basically on your doorstep, you cannot afford to take any chances.

When the incident was over, my lady and I had a talk with our son, congratulating him on coming directly home and not eating the candy bar. At the same  time  we explained the dangers of helping that stranger on the roadside, describing how the guy could have easily grabbed his arm when he went to retrieve the candy. I hate to scare my kid, but I believe the best way to protect our kids from the pedophiles and maniacs out there is to explain the dangers. God! Things were so much easier when we were kids!…or at least it seemed that way!



5 thoughts on “A candy bar for your troubles

  1. That is a very strange story, SnB…I keep thinking if I was lost somewhere, I would probably ask an adult for directions, ya’ know…and I sure as heck wouldn’t offer a kid candy for directions…just seems on the creepy side! (glad your son is okay!!)

    1. I agree. And it wasn’t like he was looking for anything in particular. He asked the directions to a mountain he could see from the road, like he expected my kid to lead him there. I think he was a creep. I am glad now that I didn’t catch up with the guy, I would probably be writing this from a jail cell…just saying

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