Oh no! My firewall is transmitting Negative Energy to Mick Ru Suft

So I get this call at 3 am from some foreign guy from a Florida phone exchange. I tell the guy how late it is and that I didn’t appreciate being called at this hour by this jerk or any other. He insists that he is calling from Mick Ru Suft and that he calls this late because he knew I would be working in the morning. He tells me that my Windows firewall is transmitting illegal signals to Mick Ru Suft. When I explain that he is full of crap, he gets VERY vocal and starts yelling that my firewall is transmitting DANGEROUS signals as well as negative energy (??) and I have to give him my ip address so that he can fix it. I tell the idiot that I have a Mac computer and suddenly he apologizes and says that his information must have been incorrect. The number is 813-384-8161. What a crock. Firewalls cannot transmit dangerous signals.

The next night my mother receives the same call. Poor thing doesn’t even own a computer, unless you call a dollar store calculator a computer. Either way, the jerk (with the east indian accent (no offense to east indians) argued with my mom, who finally managed to get a good night’s sleep despite a two month battle with shingles! That was until 3 am when the jerk woke her up and she couldn’t go back to sleep!

My mom argued with the guy for a good fifteen minutes, all the time trying to explain how there are no computers in the house, and that even if there were, she had no idea to what a firewall was to start with. That’s when this guy sets into high gear and tries to scare her. He tells her that her computer (which she doesn’t have) is transmitting illegal signals to Mick Ru Suft (none of the idiots could properly pronounce Microsoft) and that if she doesn’t provide her credit card, she could be charged. My mom is no fool. She told the jerk that she didn’t own a credit card either. He didn’t wait long to hang up, but not before thanking her for her kindness and wishing her a good night…JERK

A good friend of mine was not so fortunate. Knowing absolutely nothing about computers, firewalls, ip addresses, or con artists from the other side of the world, he gives the crooks the info that they asked for. Poor thing, at 82 years old, he was scared. First thing someone is in his computer, moving his cursor, opening web pages on his computer, God only knows what else. Then the guy tells him that they fixed everything, and that he owes them $500, which they will take from his credit card. Even at 82, he was savvy enough to realize something was wrong and hangs up. The next day my friend calls me to take a look at his computer. I find several Trojans hidden in his files, and after a complete format, as well as a bit of knowledge sharing, my friend is able to sleep at night.

We seem to live in a time where SPAM is no longer that annoying email or comment on a post. SPAM seems to have taken to the airwaves and polluting our phone lines. I’ve even noticed that I have been receiving calls from those and other jerks on my cell phone. They even had my name, and asked to speak to me personally. There has to be something that we can do to get rid of those bastards.

I only wish I had those bastard’s phone numbers. I would wait until 3 a.m. East Indian time, and give them a call. See how they like it! Just saying!

3 thoughts on “Oh no! My firewall is transmitting Negative Energy to Mick Ru Suft

  1. Thanx for putting out the warning. I like to think I’m smart, cynical and knowledgable enough not to fall for this. As Guap points out though, smart people do, especially when roused at 3 AM.

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