My furry Friends

Thought I would share a bit of my world with you. Below are my two best friends. My dogs. Boots is 20lbs of faithful, mostly to my lady. I would imagine that he would protect her from anything that ever threatened her. He isn’t the biggest pooch, but he looks like a giant compared to Halle!

When my lady and I first got together, she always said that she would like to have a dog. The fact that we planned to raise her two year old son together, I always felt that a boy needed a dog. I visited the local pet store and had a look at what they had to offer. The guy, who is a known crook here in the area came out with a furry little pup. He said that it was a Collie Terrier. I had never heard of the breed. When I asked if it was a true breed, he hesitated and then guaranteed me that it was. When I asked for papers, he told the truth. He said that it ‘should’ be a breed. Ha!

I still liked the little guy. When I asked the price, he quoted $850. Outrageous! How could he charge that much for a mixed breed puppy? He tried to argue that since the dog was one part collie and one part terrier, the total cost should be a sum of their values. Nonsense! I began to walk away.

He ran to the door. He dropped the price to $600. Then to $300. I kept walking. When I got home the phone rang. He had a new price. He dropped it to $100. I agreed that this puppy was cute enough to pay a hundred bucks. I know that if I held my ground I could have got him for free, but I didn’t want this poor pup in the hands of this idiot any longer, and it was well worth the hundred to get him.

When I went to the shop, a lady had my pup in her arms. She was ready to pay $200 for him. I argued with the owner, and for some reason, he kept his word. I got him for the $100 we agreed on in the first place.

I still remember the look on my lady’s face when I brought him to her workplace. I had him behind my back. The little thing was buy 4 weeks old, far too young to be away from its mother. I think that is why he adopted my lady as his mother. It was love at first sight. To this day, the dog doesn’t let her out of her sight. When she goes to work, he lies in the doorway, head down, looking depressed. When she drives up the driveway you would swear he won the lottery. Total different mood. Dogs are amazing. So is my lady. Anyway, without further ado, let me introduce Boots!

Heinze 57 with parts of Terrier and Border Collie, he is faithful and loyal
Heinze 57 with parts of Terrier and Border Collie, he is faithful and loyal

We got a call two summers ago from my lady’s grandmother. She had been given a small Pomeranian because one of her grandkids couldn’t take care of it. The little dog was sassy and spoiled. If she put the dog down without a leash, the little thing tore out of the room like it was on fire (the room, not the dog). The little thing (all 2 and a half pounds of it) was saucy and was known to nip whatever it could when anyone got close. Boots hated it, and even though he was more than ten times her size, he feared her.

Gran said that she could no longer take care of the dog. She just lost her husband and she didn’t want to be tied down, and she felt that having a small dog tied her down. She said that she didn’t trust anyone else on the earth to take care of her dog and she wanted me to have her. I was reluctant to take her, but eventually my soft heart took over.

This was in the spring. I worked with the dog every day, teaching her her place. I worked to help her realize how to obey. I used a thirty foot string of fishing line which I tied first to the collar of the dog, and then to my waist. I then went about my business as I did each day. If I went for a walk, she followed, but at the end of the line. If I did yard work, she followed as well, even though she didn’t want to. Eventually I didn’t use any line, she would simply follow.

I then took her for walks in the forest near my home. At first I had her on a leash. If I was walking, she was expected to walk. When I went to stop, I would tug on the leash and say the word ‘STOP’ firmly. She eventually began to listen to me. When I felt she was ready, I unhooked the leash and waited for her to follow. It took me two hours to catch the little devil.

The next day I repeated the procedure. After the summer was over (and I dyed my now grey hair seven times), she began to obey. Once I had her understand how to heel, I worked on her behaviour. I socialized her by walking in the park, leashed of course. Then I tried something different. I began taking her to visit seniors living in retirement homes. Instant success! She loved the attention. They loved the attention. Even the grumpiest seniors came around. The seniors loved the little dog. I visit the homes often, always with Halle on my side.

You might ask how she and Boots get along. The first day we brought her home, Boots seemed terrified. By the evening they were the best of friends. How you ask? He lifted his leg and pissed on her. After that, he was boss. This worked. Leave it to the animal world.

She is a little darling now. A bit of love and understanding and I have a finely trained dog that I can bring anywhere. Whenever I go for walks, she walks by my side, no leash in sight. She is very loving, and her and Boots are inseparable.  And of course, you all want to see her….Let me introduce you to Halle (like Halle Berry…we didn’t name her)

2.5 lbs of Toy Pom, a delightful little friend who is always by my side
2.5 lbs of Toy Pom, a delightful little friend who is always by my side

Hope you enjoyed this little post!


2 thoughts on “My furry Friends

  1. I can’t train an animal worth s**t. I’m too soft-hearted. The wife and daughter are the strict ones. I was rooting for you right up till the two-hour search in the woods. Lovely dogs that own you.

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