The Job that wasn’t (at least not yet)

Back in December I was elated when I was given the opportunity to interview for a job here in my community. I was even more excited when the employers called and said I had the job. I was not excited to find out that the position was part of a federally sponsored project. Being Federally sponsored, it meant that before I could begin, the employers had to receive funding from the Federal Government…The Conservative Government. Nuff Said.

I got a call the day before the job was set to start. December 21 to be exact. The hiring staff said that the funding didn’t arrive, so the job wouldn’t be starting yet. They went on to say that in a conversation with Service Canada, the new start date for the job would be January 21. Oh well, only another month, I can wait for that. There isn’t much work here, and since this job fit my training (Human Services Worker with a strong Technical and computer background), I felt that I would really enjoy the experience, even if the job only had a five month term (a pilot project that could be lengthened if successful). So I waited.

The week before January 21 I grew anxious. I called the agency and again they said the job wasn’t yet available due to lack of funding. The new start date was set to February 4. Oh well, only two weeks or so, I could wait.

February 4 is next week. Still no call from the agency. I called them yesterday and I was told that they still had no funding. I had a question for them.

Who interviews and hires when there is no funding available? This doesn’t make any sense. Their reply? “The money is there, the federal government promised”.

Now I feel real positive. A government promise. Everyone knows that governments NEVER break promises, especially those during elections. Damn. This doesn’t look good. I plan on writing my MP. I called the MP today, and got a message that their voice message machine is full. I was told (by a machine) to call back once the machine has been dumped. I would guess this will be in four years when another MP is voted in and they set up their own voice mail. Maybe by then the funding will arrive for this job. 😦

4 thoughts on “The Job that wasn’t (at least not yet)

  1. All bureaucracy is, Hurry up – Go slow. You probably have to wait for the Federal Minister to get back to his office from that fact-finding trip (To Bermuda, from Canada, in the winter) to sign the necessary document. I don’t know enough about Newfy politics to know why you have a hate on for Conservatives. From my viewpoint, they’re like Tweedle-Dee, and Tweedle-Dum, little difference to choose from. A few years ago, we (not me personally) made the mistake of electing the Mad Hatter NDP provincially. I’ll be long dead before Ontario is dumb enough to repeat that fiasco.

    1. All politicians are the best until they get in office. Then they all turn into money grabbing assholes. We seen it many times here in the province. Our beloved Brian Tobin, whose mouth flapped whenever Ottawa did anything against the province. He became our Premier, and was one of the biggest disappointments ever. They are all the same.

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