newest pet peeve

Just back from a trip downtown. The roads are covered with snow and ice, and what sails past me on this treacherous day but some  fool on a pedal bike. The nutcase must have figured his trusty ten speed would be a good way to beat the slow traffic caused by cautious drivers taking their time, but what he didn’t realize was that snow and skinny bicycle tires don’t mix. The dumb ass slipped and fell right in front of my truck.

With just inches between his big dumb head and my front bumper (of my new truck), I managed to stop before running the idiot over. He gets up and starts yelling that another car (opposing traffic running right where his bike landed) ran over his only means of transportation.

Want to make this story even more unbelievable? He had the stink of cheap whiskey on his breath. That’s right, he was drunk!

PEOPLE! Winter ain’t no place for bike riding, even if you are sober…which this guy wasn’t! He is lucky his head didn’t scratch my front bumper!

3 thoughts on “newest pet peeve

  1. You can’t cure stupid….although, with a good tire-iron you can eliminate some. “He must have hit his head on the ground (six or eight times) when he fell, officer.”

  2. It is a good thing he didn’t ding your bumper. Insurance rules, at least here in Ontario, and traffic laws mean that in every pedestrian/vehicle accident the pedestrian gets the benefit of the doubt and access to your coverage.

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