Hair Today

Just when I was beginning to understand women (well not fully understand them, but beginning to sort of understand them), my lady goes out and orders hair extensions from ebay.

Not only did these blonde locks come from ebay, but they came from China. I am sitting here stumped at where some Chinese missus managed to find blonde hair in China, and how she managed to talk that person out of said locks. At first I figured it was plastic hair like found on dolls, but nope, real human hair.

The ironic part of it all is that the hair is EXACTLY the same as my lady’s hair. Same color, same thickness, it is identical. If I didn’t know better, I would have swore that she went to bed with short hair and woke up with long blonde hair. Almost makes me feel like I am cheating on her with someone else’s hair.

She goes on to tell me that if she bought these hair extensions anywhere in North America, she would have paid $300 +, but since they came from China, they only cost her $25. I would say that this is possibly ‘Hot Hair’, and somewhere someone  is looking for them.

I must say,  I do like the long blonde hair on my lady, even if it isn’t all hers. In these days of fake body parts like breasts, lips, and even ass cheeks, I guess I can live with fake hair. Just saying…


4 thoughts on “Hair Today

  1. No joke, there used to be a story (not told by women) about two female office-workers who shared an apartment. They came home after a night on the town. Off came the tummy-flattening control panties with the butt padding, the push-up, padded bra, the false eyelashes, the coloured contact lenses and (oops) hair extensions. One says to the other, “It’s hard to find a REAL man anymore.” If you ever really understand women, you’re officially banned from my site. I’m gonna put up a Welcome SnB banner, ’cause that ain’t gonna happen.

    1. You got that right. I think men could definitely understand women….if we could find a way to live to be 200 or so. But that ain’t going to happen. I tell my lady that I am a complex male and she has no idea what goes on in my head. She laughs hysterically. I don’t blame her…we are simple creatures…

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