ever wonder how psychopaths start out? I don’t. I knew one. His name was Timmy, and man oh man, was he crazy.

I mean, how many fourteen year olds capture a small boy of just eight years of age, bind and gag him, drag him to an old saw mill, and proceed to fill every orifice in his body, as well as all his clothing with sawdust?

That’s what Timmy did to a small boy in our community. This happened sometime in the 1970’s, and although I don’t remember it, Spenser sure does. Timmy just left him lying in the sawdust, so tightly packed with the stuff that he was unable to move. Since the arms of his shirt were stuffed with sawdust, he was unable to move, and with his mouth filled, it is a wonder that he survived. His mother figured that he must have rolled over and spit the stuff out before crying out for almost an hour. When he was found, nobody had any doubts to who done this to him. Timmy.

Timmy’s parents were contacted, and they beat him for his actions (probably the reason for his actions in the first place!).

Timmy did other nasty things as well. There wasn’t a cat or dog whose live wasn’t taken by this teen maniac. He would string the poor animals up by the tails and then proceed to beat them to death with his fists. Since he was under the age of seventeen, the police were unable to arrest him and find a charge that stuck. Remember this was the seventies in rural Newfoundland. He was up for a psyche exam once, but somehow he managed to avoid it. His parents argued that there was nothing wrong with their son, and that it was just a phase.

One bright day in our little community, this phase ended.

I know what you are thinking. You figure that someone finally taught this nutcase a lesson. Wrong.

Timmy taught himself a lesson. Never listening to anyone, living a life of petty crime and insane acts, Timmy decided to try acid. One hit of acid, and he would never be the same person again. While some may say that it was a pity that one so young would burn out his brains on drugs, I think it was a Godsend.

No longer did we have to worry about the diabolical teen who waited at the end of the street on Halloween, waiting for our candy. No longer did we have to fear riding on the school bus and having our ears hauled and our hair pulled, or being tripped up in the school corridors. No longer did we fear living in our once quaint little community where our first action upon leaving our homes was to scout and make sure Timmy wasn’t anywhere to be seen.

The Timmy that resulted from his little foray into the drug world was a much easier person to live around. I think the acid caused his face to freeze in the same position it was when he tried the drug, because to this day he still sports the same crooked grin on his face.

He lives away from home now, in another province where he has absolutely no contact with anyone he grew up with, and even has no contact with his family.When his parents died, he never made the funeral, when his siblings married, he was not amongst the guests. The acid took over his life, a life filled with drugs of every kind. He has no identity left other than the drug world that he now enjoys. Sad really.

5 thoughts on “Timmy

  1. Oh gosh, I hate animal abuse…I’ve always had a heart for cats and dogs – the bastard…sorry…too many ‘Timmys’ in the world…

    1. Yes. He is still high, living in some province with the sister of his ex wife. He doesn’t have a care in the world, and from what his daughter told me, he even owns a cat and dog of his very own, and hasn’t killed them (yet)

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