Death, dying, and a ten year old’s curiosity of it all

On our way to the in-law’s part of the province, our son asked if we could stop off at the local grave yard. The both of us looked at each other in astonishment. He is ten years old, and real curious to what death really is, he has been for quite some time. At the time of his grandfather’s death, he was sheltered from the entire situation, seeing how he is a very soft-hearted kid who nightmared at the slightest mention of someone dying. But much to our amazement, he is beginning to mature, and with that comes questions.

He asked his mother where his pop (grandfather) was, and his mother’s reply was “over there across the highway!”

“What! Pop is across the highway? Is he just lying there on the ground? How cruel!” he uttered. Of course now we figured would be a good time to explain the death and dying stuff to him.

“Can I go and see him? I miss him!” he said. We explained that the gravestone is just a reminder of Pop, and that although his body is buried in the ground, his soul and spirit are in heaven.

When we got to the grave site, and walked over to the headstone, our son took one look and said “So this is where my grandfather is these days. Dig him up, I want to look at him!” Kids! You certainly do not know what they will come up with next!


2 thoughts on “Death, dying, and a ten year old’s curiosity of it all

  1. Well, that’s a little odd.
    So where did the conversation go after that?

    And if I don;t run into you, I hope you and all of yours have a happy new year, and nothing but the best in 2013!

    1. before I could say anything, my missus cut in and told him that we didn’t dig people up once they were dead, because there isn’t anything but a body in a coffin that we didn’t have any tools to open. I would have been more honest with him, but she tends to shelter the little guy. As for New Years, here’s wishing that you and your lady have the most remarkable New Year ever!

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