We are still here (because we are not all there)

I woke up Friday morning to see that everything was exactly the same as it was on Thursday night. I expected to see asteroids smashing the planet, chaos everywhere, people screaming…you know, doomsday. I am glad the nutcases who predicted the end were wrong.

I read somewhere that somewhere in Russia, a few con men sold people underground bunkers that would protect them from the apocalypse. The bunkers, which sold for enormous amounts of money (I put in ‘enormous amounts of money due to laziness in not researching the exact amount, but you get the point), with a clause (not Santa) that if the end of the world did not occur, the buyers would get HALF their  money returned. The cons still ended up with the other half of their hard (in Russia, HARD EARNED) money. It seems that whenever a worldwide disaster is predicted, con artists emerge everywhere.

I can laugh at those who would purchase an underground bunker anyway. If the end did happen faithfully on Dec 21, what would be the point to live like a bug underground anyway? If 99% of the world is going, I want to go as well. I watched far too many post Apocalypse movies, and I know what the world would look like.

You ever notice in those cheap low budget sci-fi movies about the impending future, the only vehicles are 70’s chevy’s and dodges? Where did they find those long gone autos anyway? And the people…they look like zombies, robbing and looting just to survive. Who would want to survive like that?

What I still find difficult to believe is that some people ACTUALLY believed that the world was going to end this Christmas. I know people in town who didn’t put up Christmas trees because they figured we would all be gone before the bearded one (No, not Willie Nelson..Santa Clause) would arrive. Now those fools are scrambling out to the way too busy Walmart to buy up whatever beat up fake Christmas trees they can find. Go figure!

I am still amazed that someone found a Mayan stone that closely resembled the side of an Oreo cookie, and somehow made the assumption that this spelled the end of the world for us. We seem to be ready to believe anything.

Just a short time ago, some nutcase predicted that on a certain day we would leave this world and travel on a space ship to another world. This guy made the news and actually  had followers who sold or gave away all their worldly goods to prepare for the trip. There is one born every minute, and another born to take their money!

Speaking of con artists, the night club and bar owners around here made a mint on the end of the world predictions. On Thursday night, local bars featured ‘End of the world’ parties, while on Friday night, they held ‘We are still here’ parties. Again, one born every minute, one born to take their money!

Hey, I just did research (on the not so dependable Wikipedia site) to discover that throughout time, man has been predicting the end, and coming up short each time. for more on the list, click HERE

And to think that we didn’t even wait until after Christmas to predict the end. If I was going to predict the end of the world (as we know it), I would wait until after Christmas so that I could at least get all my presents opened and see what people gave me…DUH! Just saying…


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