Trifecta Week 55: Things Go Boom

He sat crouched in the corner, ears plugged with both hands, in anticipation that the bomb would go off. He ensured that everything was done correctly; the fuse ran just right, just enough explosives to send his message…

He glanced over at the setup. “OMG, that fuse isn’t straight….” he uttered…

David dealt with OCD all his life. Everything always had to be perfect, or he blew up. Because of this, he never got along with others.

Not exactly the favorite child in the family, David’s OCD caused him to lose many jobs. Without a friend in the world, David was alone. But he could sell; God could he sell!

They say that David could sell Popsicles to Eskimos in a snowstorm. In his lifetime, David sold everything from cars to chairs, and never looked back once. Not really caring whose toes he stepped on, promotions came quick, and in no time at all, he went from salesman to store manager.

One day the owner came by. He had a young man with him and asked if David would mind showing him the ropes. David reluctantly agreed. He proceeded to make the young man’s life a living hell. What David didn’t realize was that this man was the owner’s son. The axe came quickly afterward.

Fed up with yet another pink slip, David flipped. He gathered a few things from his shed and went straight to his boss’ home. After setting the bomb and actually lighting the fuse he noticed something.

Still crouched, David noticed that the fuse didn’t run quite straight. With that, he stepped out of the corner, and straightened the fuse. Seeing how the twist was but an inch from the charge, he didn’t have time to run for cover. the flame hit the charge and BOOM!

His OCD caused him to blow up again, this time literally!

Moral of the story anyone?

This is my entry into this week’s Trifecta Challenge. The word is Anticipation

8 thoughts on “Trifecta Week 55: Things Go Boom

  1. Here’s what I take away from the story: when you mess with the boss’ son, you’re going to get burned; if you’re going to blow up your boss’ house, check the fuse alignment before lighting it; you can live with OCD, but stupidity is hazardous to your health.

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