talking to the barber

What is it about barbers? Like bartenders, they tend to talk a lot. I used to have one particular barber (or hairstylist as she preferred to be referred to) who was ‘Da Bomb!

A tall brunette with a beautiful face, I made sure to visit her on a monthly basis. She used to give great haircuts. One evening I was at the local bar, and it happened to be my birthday. She obviously heard the DJ announce my birthday, and came over to congratulate me. She said that she had a ‘special gift for me’. I was hoping that it was a gift certificate for a free haircut (I always dreamed little), but instead, she grabbed me and gave me a long deep romantic kiss. I felt my knees weaken, that’s what this kiss was like.

“Happy Birthday Honey” she said, leaving me wanting more. I was so wrapped up in the kiss that I totally forgot about my then girlfriend who was standing there in complete awe at what she just witnessed. “Who was that girl?” she asked, to which I replied “Oh, that’s just my barber, it’s nothing, really!”. Not only did she knock my socks off with the kiss, but my beautiful tease of a barber also kissed my girlfriend off as well. She left me in the bar, telling me to take it up with my ‘barber’. Obviously she didn’t believe I was just a customer.

I continued to  get haircuts at her shop until I seen her kiss another ‘customer’ . I felt cheated.

I have always preferred female barbers. Maybe it is something about if I have to pay big bucks to have someone run their fingers through my hair, it had better be a woman. Maybe it is just me and my homophobic tendencies. Oh well.

I just came back from getting a haircut. My usual barber wasn’t in at the time, so I had to settle for a girl who had just recently graduated from barber school (I think that’s what it is called). Keisha was her name (no relation to submissive Keisha in my story entitled ‘Keisha’, but definitely the source for the name of the character.)

Keisha seemed to be a nice gal, but none too bright. She cut my hair just as I had asked (#3 brush on the sides, fingers on top), which is my winter cut. In summer I get #2 on sides and fingers on top. When she finished, everything looked crooked. I asked if she could try and fix things a little, because I didn’t like looking as if my head was tilted all the time. She obliged by spending another hour on my hair.

She was also quite the conversationalist. She reminded me that I knew her older sister quite well, she attended a training session with me once. She began telling me about her sister’s kids and how cute they were. She said “My sister has two kids, a four year and a six year old. The four year old is the youngest…”. (Well Duh!) “And I bet the six year old is the oldest” I continued. “What? You do know her then, did she introduce you to her family the last time she was home?” she asked. I just laughed.

Anyway, I did end up with a haircut, not the best though. The next time I shall wait for my regular hairstylist. For now, I shall wear a hat.

I once dated this girl who claimed to be a barber. She said that although she never went to barber school, she used to cut hair for everyone in the community. I took that chance that she was being honest with me. You ever have those times where you wish you could reverse a decision right afterwards? This was one of those times. Everything was going well until I heard her say “OOPS” while using the clippers on my hair. She left a deep gap on the top of my head, and spent the rest of the time trying to even up things around the protruding hole in my hair. What a mess, I had to buy a hat for the next few months. Why is it that a bad haircut takes forever to grow out? That relationship was out the door soon afterwards. Why? She didn’t like my haircut! Go figure.

3 thoughts on “talking to the barber

  1. Wow, you pay a lot more attention to your hair than me.
    My instructions are usually “shorter on the top and sides, and for goodness sake, don;t shorten the back!”
    I try to go to the same guy, just because I don;t have to have the conversation with him. Just telling him to make me look presentable is usually enough.

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