Spelling, Math, and our kids bleak future

The other night we had to meet with our kid’s teacher. It was a time where the report card came out and the teacher asked to talk to all parents. He explained the ‘new math’ where no longer did a kid do a math test on his own, rather it was a group effort. It was like that when I was a kid for awhile, I would do my test, and others would copy. They also removed spelling and grammar from our school system. Apparently some geek with his head in his ass decided that kids who couldn’t spell weren’t confident enough to write a story because of their spelling skills, so this idiot decided that if one kid (probably his kid) couldn’t spell, no kid should have to. The school board came up with a method of teaching (I use that term lightly) where a kid spells the word the way it sounds rather than how it is spelled. Now there are no spelling tests, and none of the kids know how to spell. I have to wonder where we are going as a people. Imagine trying to read a novel one of those kids (when they finally grow up) will write.

I believe that there is something going on here. Right now the majority of work in the country is in the construction/labor area. Most of the work in the country is in Alberta, Fort Mac to be exact. There is currently a shortage of laborers, and I think that by having an entire generation of kids almost illiterate when they graduate, it would spell certainty that they would go off to work in Alberta rather than go to university. I would say that only the elite would have moved on enough to attend university, thus ending the labor shortage in the country. That or I am just a conspiracy theorist.

2 thoughts on “Spelling, Math, and our kids bleak future

  1. That’s got to be one of the most ass-backward things I’ve ever heard.
    I hope you and your girl are raising hell about it, or at least making sure your kid knows how to do it on his own.

  2. ya, we kicked up a stink with his teacher, and he was as against the idea as we were! I even wrote to the local paper, but nobody seems to think spelling and math are important

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