Commas and overuse

I had an English teacher once whose pet peeve was commas. Well not really commas, but the total misuse of commas..she said that people spread them around like salt from a shaker. In some aspects, she was right. Until that class, I was one of those people, but learning when to use commas was relatively easy if you used her method. I will share her secret with you…

Her secret was to speak the sentence as you write it, and only insert commas where you pause. She went on to say that if you recited the entire sentence and you became winded, you probably didn’t have enough commas. Now writing in her class made us seem like a crowd of nuts, each speaking the sentence as we typed it, but in no time, we were writing great sentences and only using commas where they were needed. To Mrs Darlene Oake, I thank you.

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