The Man

He was sitting high on his pedestal when the call came in

Strongest man in the crowd, a leader and a friend

He was there for everyone, never made any demand

But he fell to his knees when he heard about the Man

The man was tough; he was straight to the point

A hero and a fighter, he’d never disappoint

To Tommy he was a father, the only one he’d ever knew

Tommy’s father ran out long ago, his mother left him too

The news came sudden; it was quick as a light

They say he had a heart attack, he died through the night

It was the hardest thing Tommy had to face since his dad ran out

He didn’t think he could deal with it ‘til his friends came about

They buried him at ten, Tommy couldn’t even stand

He was on his knees holding the hand of the Man

Tears and sobbing, he helped put the man in the ground

Then Tommy stopped crying, you couldn’t hear a sound.

Tommy was but a shell of the guy he once was

He never spoke a word, never made a fuss

He kept to himself, drove everyone away

Until his friends came over, they had something to say

They were all together knocking at the door,

It took Tommy a few minutes to get up off the floor

He had been drinking, trying to deal with the pain

They all came in, and this is what they were saying

They said Tommy you were there when we needed you most

Now we are here for you, to help deal with what you lost

Because what is the world without your best friends

We will always be with you, friends until the end

Well he is slowly getting over this but he will never forget the man

Who raised and loved him, and now we understand

He taught Tommy what was right and the best way to live

And that was to offer strength, and give when you can give

Be as strong as you can be, and give credit where it is due

Always be there for your friends, you need them and they need you

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