Drivers beware

Here’s proof that we Newfoundlanders are too trusting.

I was just driving up the highway towards my home when I noticed this guy, totally dressed in Camo, and holding an axe. He was hitchhiking. When I drove on past him, he looked confused to why I never gave him a ride. HE HAD AN AXE!

A few other cars passed, and he had the same look on his face. (like what is wrong with you people, haven’t you ever given an axe wielding maniac a ride before) Finally, someone did stop and give him a ride.

Note to drivers: Never, never give a guy with an axe (or any other possible weapon) a ride.

9 thoughts on “Drivers beware

  1. I was thinking about doing a post about hitch-hiking, and how nobody picks anybody up. That settles it. If it’s good enough for you, I should be able to wring a little something from it.

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