Drivers beware

Here’s proof that we Newfoundlanders are too trusting.

I was just driving up the highway towards my home when I noticed this guy, totally dressed in Camo, and holding an axe. He was hitchhiking. When I drove on past him, he looked confused to why I never gave him a ride. HE HAD AN AXE!

A few other cars passed, and he had the same look on his face. (like what is wrong with you people, haven’t you ever given an axe wielding maniac a ride before) Finally, someone did stop and give him a ride.

Note to drivers: Never, never give a guy with an axe (or any other possible weapon) a ride.

9 thoughts on “Drivers beware

  1. You should have stopped and asked him if he could trade the ride for dismantling bodies for you.
    On account of you having had your axe confiscated.

  2. I was thinking about doing a post about hitch-hiking, and how nobody picks anybody up. That settles it. If it’s good enough for you, I should be able to wring a little something from it.

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