The Interview

In this week’s segment of ‘Who the Hell Are You?” we feature an up and coming blogger known as SnB. SnB’s blog started out as a mostly biographical site, but as of late, the blog began to feature works of fiction that …let’s just say, are not for the faint of heart. In an effort to better understand the blogger, we got SnB here in our studio, and he has agreed to provide some answers. Stay tuned…

Ted: First, let me introduce our guest. Ladies and gentlemen, meet SnB. SnB, I have to say, you are one handsome devil.

SnB: Thanks Ted, you aren’t so bad yourself, but if you are hitting on me, I am as straight as a prairie highway, so let’s don’t go there!

Ted: No worries, I am straight as well, but I just can’t help notice that we resemble each other.

SnB: Whatever, you only wish to be as handsome as I am.

Ted: Er…okay, back to the interview. Snb…do you mind if I call you Sights?

SinB: snb will do, keeps things simple, you know?

Ted: Okay snb. How about you tell the studio audience a little about yourself. When were you born, how did you grow up, a little background info?

SnB:  I am not much of a talker, I would much rather write, but since I am here in front of the camera, I will give it my best shot. I was born in a small office in a college, mostly out of my parent’s curiosity. Back then I was pretty fed up with city life and I longed for a simpler way of life, one where I could be free to write whenever I wanted to.

As a child I wrote about the simple things, a cup of tea in the woods, a grandparent I missed, bullies, etc.; but as I grew older, my true creativity was found, and the works you have read as of late began to grow in my mind.

Ted: What is the biggest challenge as a writer?

SnB: My biggest challenge is keeping things real. For example, in a few of my latest works, the basis for the stories is the truth.

Ted: Are you saying that you actually knew a Keisha?

SnB: I did meet a woman named Keisha, I cannot deny that one, but it went nowhere like the story, but the basis for the story did come from the truth.

Ted: Wow, so you are into S&M?

SnB: I didn’t say that, what I said was that I met a woman named Keisha who told me of her secret desires of being a submissive. The rest of the story unfolded in my mind. There was nothing other than a conversation with the woman.

Ted: Sure, I believe you (winking)

Ted: What about your latest story, The Chain? Is that one based on a true story? Is this somehow connected to your past?

SnB: The Chain is based on a true story, that’s why it is taking so long to write. The story is not mine however; I grew up in a loving family, but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t see things, things that left an impression in my mind, a longing to tell the story so that people can see the truth.

Ted: Back to ‘The Chain’, you knew the characters?

SnB: I know ‘of’ the characters. The challenge in this piece is keeping the story far enough away from the truth to make it fiction, but keeping the story close to the truth to make it believable. Like I said, that’s why it is taking me a while to tell the story, I am waiting for things to fold out in real life, then I base my story on the circumstances. It’s not easy.

Ted: What is your goal in telling a story like this?

The goal of the story is to let people know that things aren’t always what they seem. The people that we respect are not always so respectful when doors are closed. Who can say whether our politicians, lawyers, principals, even law enforcement officers are not actually the Tom’s, Jim’s and Andrew’s that are in the story? Like the old song goes, ‘No One knows what goes on behind closed doors’.

Ted: Wow, I suppose that does make sense. How many more installments do you see in the story?

SnB: In staying close to reality, I would say that there are more than three more installments of the story, but the end may surprise a few people.

Ted: is that a hint to how the story will end?

SnB: no hints, I am waiting for the end as well.

Ted: The end of what?

SnB: haven’t you been listening? The end of “The Chain”.
Can we change the subject?

Ted: Okay. I noticed that you changed the entire look of your WordPress blog. Is there a reason for that?

SnB: Yes. Since my writing style has been steadily evolving, swinging from happy to sad to downright scary, I felt that the lovely backwoods background didn’t really fit into what I am trying to do here. I wanted the background and the theme to represent that change. As for the stone background, I wanted my readers to remember where I came from…a place known  as ‘The Rock’.

Ted: I gotta ask,  all through the interview something keeps bugging me about you, have we met before, you look very familiar.

SnB: Will you leave that alone? You look nothing like me. You wish you looked like me. I am done!

Ted: but…but..

10 thoughts on “The Interview

  1. Yeah, I was just over at KJ’s. I guess that’s why I’m not much of an author, there’s only one of me in here. Sometimes, not even a complete, One. What you see is what you get. Good psychology on the new look. It does suit.

  2. There are so many infinite things that spark a story in us…an object, a memory, a person, a converstation, infinite…keep up the good work! (and I forgot to mention the other day, that I too, like your new header!)

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