The Monster’s Holiday

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The mother struggled to apply the face makeup to the kiddies, but by now, she was used to this practice. In fact, after 364 days each year of applying makeup to hide the little one’s faces, she was pretty much a makeup artist at this point.

“Keep still while I do this son, only one more day and it will be Halloween, then you won’t need makeup. You can feel free to walk around just as you do here at home, and nobody will run in terror. None of the kids will be afraid of you, plus people will give you candy!” the mother assured her kids.

For most kids, Halloween is a time where you dress scary and visit people’s doors in search of candy and other treats, but when you are a zombie, you only get one chance per year to go out in public without makeup. Halloween was that time. The kids could feel free to roam around town, even walk from home to home with the other kids, and without makeup.

“You should have seen the boy from down the block, he wore his costume to school today, and he looked just like Uncle Herbert!” the little one said. “He almost scared me!” he added.

His little sister sat and watched her mother apply the makeup to little Frankie, who without makeup closely resembled Frankenstein himself, just in miniature form. “Why do you always put his on first?” she asked.

“Calm  down Annie, disguising Frankie is a whole lot easier than you, all  I need to do is change his skin color from green to pink, and apply a bit of makeup around his eyes.” her mother said. ” Your makeup is another story.”

Annie was a little monster of a kid who resembled a ghoulish Raggedy Ann doll. Her face was a pasty white color, while her eyes resembled black buttons in her head. Her mouth appeared to be sewn to her face, and she was all floppy when she walked.

“The girls at school have been picking on me lately, I am tempted to go to school without makeup, that would teach ’em!” she said.

As Annie complained, her mother worked to apply the heavy face makeup Annie was accustomed to wearing. “Never, never let them see your face. These humans can be so cruel.” her mother said. “They put names on me like Zombie and monster when I was a kid, I wanted to leave school forever” she added.

Last Halloween, both Monster kids won prizes at school. The school principal was so impressed with Annie that he made her the Halloween Queen. She was so proud.

Just as she had finished with the kids, a ring came at the door. It was Poppa. He had been working at the local haunted house all day, and he was so tired, he didn’t have the strength to open the door on his own.

“Did you scare anyone today? the mother asked?

“Let me tell you, these days Zombies are an everyday thing. Kids are going out tattooed, hair shaved, piercings everywhere, Hell, they are even scarier than you and me put together!” he said, as he massaged his fangs. “I had to go the extra mile today and actually bite a few necks. They liked it and asked for more! What kind of world is it where nobody is afraid of a vampire?” he added.

Poppa used to be quite the beast in his younger days, but the pain of raising two zombie kids can take its toll on an aging vampire.

As Poppa got himself a lunch of blood pudding and tomato juice, the mom got the kids off to school.

The next day, the kids were in an especially good mood. Annie was first to get out of her coffin, and after eating her usual cereal of Fruit Loops with bat wings and milk, she was out the door and on her way to school. Little Frankie was right behind her, all set to win the school dress up contest…again. He won every year!

After school the kids got together with other kids on the block and went trick or treating. “It is really nice to see Annie and Frankie playing with the other kids, I sure love Halloween!” said Momma, as she drank up the last of the bat blood, a favorite drink at the Horror House of Henderson  Lane.

Happy Halloween to all out there from Sightsnbytes!


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