My Beef with beef

As many already know, Canada is under yet another Beef recall. Earlier in the year we had the ‘Pink Slime’ catastrophe, whereas scrap beef was cleaned with ammonia, and then boiled and sold to fast food restaurants worldwide, and just a few weeks ago we were told not to eat ground beef because there were a few cases of E coli linked to the product. This recall is much worst, as it covers not only ground beef, but all cuts of beef, including steak and roasts.

Living on the island of Newfoundland, it is common knowledge that the largest percentage of the population are meat eaters. Save for a few veggie hippies, meat has been a staple on Newfoundland tables for years. Beef is one of the more common meats that is eaten province wide, especially now since our fish stocks are all but gone and we have become meat eaters rather than fish eaters.

I believe part of the problem comes from the method of which we prepare our beef. We were out with friends a while ago, and one guy came in with a huge T-Bone. He headed for my BBQ, threw the steak on the grill, flipped it, and then transferred it to his plate, total cooking time less than two minutes. “That’s how the chefs prepare meat where I come from” he said.

Where I come from, meat that raw says “MOO”. He also tried to claim that the red liquid oozing from his steak was ‘juice’, but I corrected him by informing him that it was blood. There was no way that steak was cooked, hell, it wasn’t even hot. If that steak was hindered with E Coli, he would be dead now.

The cooking shows on TV constantly show half cooked meat served on a plate. I know you can choose Rare, Medium or Well done, but c’mon, most of the stuff these guys serve is raw.

Now what to have for supper…

I had taken out a few beef steaks, but now those are going back to the grocery store. I hate to be paranoid, but what if the pork I cook is the next product to be recalled? What about Chicken? Just saying…

Now to go and see if there are any robins in the back yard….

Hey, you may say that is barbaric, but when was the last time you heard of a Robin being recalled?



8 thoughts on “My Beef with beef

  1. We have a pork shortage coming, due to the drought in the US. Chicken can’t be safe due to possible but extremely rare avian flu. Only two choices left. Go vegan or go hunting. Venison, the other red meat! 🙂

  2. Just for clarification, I was joking aboout the chicken. There is no talk, rumor, hint, or anything else about avian flu.

  3. They pretty much recall everything here. Honda is recalling its Accords…I would like to recall my last year of work and get all that time off in lieu. There…that’s better.

  4. I’ve been taking calls for this recall at work since the night before it was announced. It’s actually not as bad as the media is billing it. Albeit yes, Ecoli is a terrible thing and this is something to be taken very seriously, but I mean this recall to begin with is a voluntary recall.

    The companies themselves initiated unlike a lot of other food recalls that are mandated by government, also even infected meat is still perfectly edible if cooked correctly. Like literally most people that call about it are hearing essentially, “All you have to do is make sure the internal temperature of the meat is 160 degrees, and it’ll burn out anything that causes a problem” So essentially.. cook your meat the way you’re supposed to be cooking it anyway and you have nothing to worry about… but of course the follow up, “if you are very hesitant or unsure about it then bring it back to where you purchased it from”.

    So in all honesty this recall ain’t really that bad, you just gotta not be an idiot when it comes to prepartion.. HOWEVER, that being said it sucks for me because I like my steaks rare, I like my meat a lil undercooked… I’m the guy that’ll cook a steak for 5 mins and it’s good to go (only if it’s mine though I”m actually a damn fine BBQ-savant.. but i digress.)

    Anyway sir. A fine read. 😛 Keep em coming haha

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