Gothic Country???

I admit it, I am a country music fan. Always have been. Sometimes I have to side with Barbara Mandrell, “I was country when country wasn’t cool”

It’s true. Back in my younger days when the rest of my friends were tuned into The Stones, Meat Loaf, and Aerosmith, I was listening to Ricky Skaggs and George Jones. Loved the stuff. Still do.

This ‘New Country’ is for the dogs. Long drawn out stories set to music make up most of today’s hits, and if you ask me, this ‘music’ is closer to pop than it was ever connected to ‘country’.

Give me some Cash, Jennings or a bit of Hag and I am happy, to hell with the flash in the pan country ‘stars’ of today. These guys (and gals) just don’t have the lasting power of the classic country stars.

Now I find that a few of my younger friends are listening to a genre called ‘Gothic Country’. What the hell?

I guess Johnny Cash was a bit of a goth, with his long black coats and his nick ‘The Man in Black’, but at least this guy had talent, and lots of it.

Just bought Yoakam’s newest cd “3 Pears”, and I am disappointed. Sure he has one or two ‘Real Country’ songs, but the rest is the  blabbergarble that they play on the radio.

Radio, that’s the blame for the onslaught of ‘country pretenders’ out there. Radio only plays mainstream country, which is not country music at all. Television and Youtube are also at fault, with it’s videos of those horrible songs. I wonder how popular a song would be without the video?

just saying

5 thoughts on “Gothic Country???

  1. Well, SnB, I was a rocker….(Ozzy ruled)….but I can handle some Johnny Cash. Have you ever seen the movie, “Walk the Line” ? I’m not sure if it would be ‘your’ thing or not…I thought it was really good. My best friend loves the old-school country – George Jones and Merle Haggard.

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