life is funny VIII (and sometimes gross): The Spandex people

Life is funny but it is also gross. I am talking about the Spandex people. You seen them, 300 plus pounds of woman ass, squeezed into a tiny pair of spandex pants, strutting around town trying to look sexy, but missing (totally missing) the point of spandex.

When spandex first came out, a few shapely gals made the stretch material popular. For some reason, those with enough ass to block traffic on a four lane highway got the idea that if they squeezed their fat asses into this material, it would make them look thin. Didn’t work.

The black spandex is bad enough, but when those fashion conscious (NOT!) females chose the bright neon spandex pants, all hell broke loose. (well, better hell than the asses of their spandex pants)

Only thing sexier than giant asses stuffed into stretchy pants is the rolls of fat that hang over the sides of the pants. OOh!

Note to governments of every country: BAN SPANDEX!

or better still, put a weight limit on the stuff. Like they do for tractor trailers on the highway. We could have weigh stations right in the city, and anyone stuffed into the spandex material would first have to stand on the scales.

Ya, that’s an idea, think I will start a petition!

5 thoughts on “life is funny VIII (and sometimes gross): The Spandex people

  1. I’m not a fan of plaid, either. Can I be a fashion cop? An undercover officer like you. “Too busy to get dressed to come shopping?” or, “Pull over lady! I’m arresting you for possession of more than one huge ass-cheek in that tiny Speedo.”

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