life is funny: Part 4: facebook romances

life is funny.

First you have a couple who can’t talk to each other in public, but on their facebook you would swear that he is friggin’ Casanova.

He: Babe I love you with all my heart, looking into your eyes reminds me of ocean of blue

She: And you, my love, you are like a handsome prince who has rescued me.

Me: Blah (followed by intense vomiting)


Why is it that people chose to express their love for their significant other on Facebook? Who the hell do they think wants to hear (or read) that?

The missus and I had those friends back in St. John’s (well SHE had those friends, I just went along to be nice). The guy would sit on one chair, and directly across from him, his missus would be sitting on the arm chair, and they both had laptops with (you guessed it) their perspective Facebook pages open in front of them. Every now and then the guy would write his lady a note on Facebook, she would giggle and respond…on Facebook. We both felt like idiots sitting there with the two of the non-verbally speaking to each other. I joked that the next time we visit, we bring our laptops and we have a Facebook foursome. They were NOT impressed. So much for communication in a relationship!

Is this where we are headed? Maybe so, but not me, I prefer intimacy in a relationship. Want to know the deep and dirty in my relationship? Get a life, or buy a Harlequin

Like I said, Life is funny!


3 thoughts on “life is funny: Part 4: facebook romances

  1. Yeah, I think FB romancing is okay to a certain point (I had put something mushy on there about my husband one time and my BF came back with – you make me vomit. hahaha – I still didn’t care)….but like you said, it should never take the place of real intimacy and communicating and a conversation with your voice! I think I check my FB account maybe once or twice a month. I DO know some people who are ADDICTED to it! (I think I prefer being addicted to blogtown – it’s much more interesting to me).

  2. You don’t have a Facebook full of teenagers! Its my entertainment for the night sometimes the shit the they can stir ahaha I like the ones that say “Loved you for 2 weeks now, its been the best two weeks of my life,” and the next day “What a lying arse hole, I never want to see you again,” Romance ay! 😉

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