The haircut

I went for a haircut yesterday. The girl who usually cuts my hair was off sick, so I ended up with ‘The new girl’. First off let me say that I always insist on a female hairstylist. I am not that homophobic, its just that if I am going to pay someone to run their fingers through my hair, it had better be someone of the female variety, but that’s just me.

Anyway, this girl was something else. She didn’t appear any different than most, that is, until she opened her mouth. It’s not that I mind chatty hairstylists, it helps pass time, but this lady scared me.

New Hairstylist (I will call her ‘Newsy’): I like hair.

Me: That’s good, seeing that you cut it all the time.

Newsy: No, I really like hair, it turns me on.

Me: Oh Oh.

Newsy: Sometimes I look at bald men and imagine what they would look like if they had hair. Did you ever do that?

Me: Nope, can’t say that I ever did.

Newsy: Sometimes I even look at men with hair and wonder what they would look like bald.

Me: Oh Oh.

Newsy: Would you like to try something different, like the ‘bald look’?

Me: Oh Oh

Me again: NO, just trim my hair

Newsy: The last place I cut hair, I got fired for shaving a guy’s head when all he asked for was a trim. Can you imagine the nerve?

Me: Oh Oh

Newsy: Hey, where are you going, I am not done yet

Me: Oh yes you are

and I left, with half a haircut. Lesson here?

Find a good barber, and when she is sick, wait for her to get better!


3 thoughts on “The haircut

  1. Hilarious!
    When II finally absolutely need a haircut, I’ll wander into the closest barber shop, and just tell them to trim it. After five minutes arguing about the length of my ponytail, they just give me the trim I want, and off I go.

  2. I concur… hilarious!! That dear fellow blogger is why I have not had a haircut since December. (and I’m looking pretty ragged now… trust me!) Since we have been on the road I have been terrified of this exact salon scenario. Kudos to you for walking out…. mid haircut and all!!!

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