The Wedding Gift

My friend used to claim that every woman he ever met whose name was Bambi was a stripper. I doubted him until I had the following experience.

I met a Bambi once. She was a bit of a case. Actually, she was a lot of a case. Although she was born  right here on the west coast of the island, she left home at an early age and worked as a stripper in Toronto. The funny part of this story is that she figured she worked an honorable trade.

It was at a wedding that I had met the girl. A friend of mine was getting married and she booked me to Disk Jockey the wedding. My friend, Carly, was a very naive person who thought only the best in people. Carly said that her childhood friend and maid of honor came all the way from Toronto to attend the wedding. She also noted that her friend had a big surprise for her.

The wedding was a traditional one where parents and grandparents of both the bride and groom were in attendance. A custom here on the island, family members tend to bring their children to weddings for the supper and maybe to watch the bride and groom dance together. Once the three dances were completed (bride and groom, parents, and bridal party), Bambi approached me. She wanted to give Carly the big surprise, and she requested I play a certain song. Bambi requested the song ‘You can leave your hat on” by Joe Cocker. I put two and two together, and with that, I got a gal named ‘Bambi’ and a song played at most strip clubs. I rushed to warn Carly that this may not be a good idea, but she assured me that her ‘innocent’ childhood friend Bambi would never do anything that wasn’t tasteful, and that I should put the song on.

The first chorus wasn’t even over when Bambi was already down to her stockings and bra. The old guys were falling out of their chairs to get a better look, mothers were holding their hands over their kid’s eyes to shelter them from the sight. Carly was speechless as she witnessed her best friend strip quickly down to absolutely nothing, and the groom, well, Bambi wasted no time hauling him on the dance floor by the tie, and proceeding to do a lap dance in front of everyone. I probably should have shut the music down, but Hell, she asked me to play it, and the bride instructed me to do whatever her friend asked, so I let it play.

The club’s bouncer finally got up from his perch and threw a table cloth over innocent miss Bambi, as he hustled her off the dance floor.

The bride, totally taken by her friend, and the groom knowing that he wouldn’t be losing his virginity on that night or possibly any nights in the near future quickly exited the club to deal with Bambi and her antics. And me? I was probably in more of a shock than most, as I had a front row seat for the entire performance. Bravo! Never a dull moment as a wedding DJ.

Last I heard, Bambi and the bride’s uncle were hitting it off in the city of Toronto. Oh my!

3 thoughts on “The Wedding Gift

  1. SnB – you crack me up! You really have some wild stories! I thought this kind of thing happened the night BEFORE the wedding? 😉

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