Oh my, I am some cute today

Facebook is the only place I have ever seen people take pictures of themselves (you can tell they took the picture themselves because their arm is always outstretched holding the damn camera) so that their friends can express just how beautiful they are.

I had this very vain gal on my friend’s list once (a friends list is a funny term, as I have no idea who half those people are, and where were those friends on my last birthday? 354 friends, you guys owe me birthday and Christmas gifts!) who would post a new picture of herself each day, and the fools who followed her would express how beautiful she was on each picture. My honesty got the best of me when I commented that she was getting a little long in the tooth. (whats the matter with people those days, no sense of humor)

People post pictures of their dogs in funny clothing, cats getting into mischief, and worst of all, their kids half dressed. Do these people realize that there are pedos out there who look for half naked kids so that they can get off on it? Parents, you have to protect your kids, not expose them!

I think Facebook has gotten way out of hand. I don’t know how many people have found out about the passing of a loved one through facebook. How terrible that must have been.

And the worst thing? Nowadays any kook can own a cell phone with a camera, and it seems that people snap pictures of anyone and without any sort of permission, those dweebs post the pictures on facebook. This must be an infringement of privacy if I ever heard of one, but people do it all the time.

I worked with a guy once who came to the province to escape a madman who was trying to kill him and his family. During a staff party, some idiot co-worker snapped his picture, and before he could stop her, she posted it to Facebook. The next day he got a call from the guy who was out to get him. He had to pack up his family and move away again. This is totally wrong! Where will it end I wonder?

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