Whatever happened to take two asprin and call me in the morning

What you are about to read is a RANT! Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

First of all, let me explain something. I am a type II diabetic. Let me rephrase that. I am a guinea pig.

Diabetics are given God knows what types of medication, with Heaven knows what side effects, and left to deal with the aftermath. Insurance companies shy away from us, it is easier to get life insurance if you are a leper!

Not since Banting and the other guy (I am not much of a medical history buff) discovered insulin back in the day have any major breakthroughs come about for diabetics, and now I hear a news report that the only combination of drugs that has ever worked for my diabetes is dangerous to my health. Not just dangerous, my Actos medication can cause congestive heart failure and even worst, bladder cancer!

Whatever happened to the years of drug trials a new drug must be put through before being released to the general pubic? I mean public…can’t believe I typed pubic instead of public… What ever happened to all those lab rats? did they get either of those side effects? And what is it about comparing us to rats anyway? The drug manufactures, they are the rats!
The report said that persons (victims) taking Actos meds are twice as likely to develop bladder cancer if they take the medication (that I have been taking for the past six or so years).  Reading further, it said that one in one hundred million type II diabetics are likely to be diagnosed with bladder cancer, but taking Actos doubles their chances. What is that? Two in one hundred million? despite those odds, with my luck, I will get that stupid cancer. Why couldn’t I win a lottery instead?

We need more research done  in the area of diabetes, and not just for type I, which seems to get all the attention. We type II’s are people too!

This rant is not finished. It will be finished once I get a chance to talk to my family doctor (Dr. Holiday as he is referred to…he is always gone) and I plead to him for a safer drug (if there is one out there)

For now, I flushed my Actos…hope it doesn’t wreck m septic system…didn’t see any warnings about septic systems…

For more on this story, check out the following link here

Thats all for now, thanks for listening!

3 thoughts on “Whatever happened to take two asprin and call me in the morning

  1. Poor guy! I do feel sorry for you. Yeah, what’s with the medication? The side-effects are worse than the disease they’re supposed to cure.
    I’ve been doing some Newfoundland research. I found that Fogo is an island, not a town. Fogo Island is the town. They’re way up nort’, near L’Anse aux Meadows, as is Belle Island, which I had always thought was off to the west, near KaiJay. I worked with 5 Belle Islanders. The one I asked how far off the big Rock his little rock was, didn’t know. Now I do. I had a look at the map and satellite views of your fair city, including the American Forces base, and all the State-named streets on the north/east end. At a different plant I worked with a kid from down the road at S’ville Crossing. Saw a truck yesterday with Ontario plates, but a dealer sticker from Roddickton, NL. Up nort’ again.
    I may have to move to the Rock, just to even the resident counts. Try to stay well my friend!

    1. KJ is on the East Coast, Belle Island is also on the East Coast. Fogo is located north East, but not near L’anse aux Meadows, that place is near Gros Morne, which is on the Northern Peninsula. If you worked with a guy from the ‘crossing, he must have been tough, they are a tough crowd out there. And yes, Stephenville has many street names that coincide with american states. That area used to be known as The base. My great grandfather used to own most of the land where the base was located, but when the army came in, they gave him $25 per acre and forced him off the land

  2. Gotta stop commenting at four AM. My head knows east from west, but apparently my fingers don’t. And I got my map twisted. I thought I saw Fogo off the northern penninsula. So, Belle Island is over on the east side, where I thought it was, although I thought it was on the Atlantic side, not in the bay. What in Hell is the name of the island off the end of the northern penninsula? Is it Belle Isle? Do you guys have two, with almost the same name? That’s the Strait of Belle Isle. Which one did they used to mine coal at, KayJai’s? Yeah, the ‘crossing kid was a bit of a tough punk.

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