what if…

I got a fright this evening.  I was on my way home when I came up to a traffic light. Once the light turned green, the opposing car signaled for me to turn, and I did. At that same instance, a teenage girl decided to make a run across the intersection. I noticed her in time, but only barely. I slammed the brakes on and the truck bumper came within inches of hitting her.

I had such a fright, I had to pull over and catch my wits. I almost got sick when I though of how I could have been distracted by the radio, the cell  phone, another car, or something else and not stopped in time. I would have taken a life. Even though she was not right in crossing in a no crossing zone, I would have killed her. I have had a headache ever since the incident.

One has to wonder how many close calls they never notice. How many times do we almost kill someone and never realize it? How many times do we cut off drivers who aren’t really paying attention, and call it off as us having the right of way? If we kill someone by accident, who cares who had the right of way?

Just a thought…

One thought on “what if…

  1. I see this all the time in the city – the near misses, that is. car-car, car person, even person-person (these usually involve cellphones as well!). I got a hard bump from a car/driver that wasn’t paying attention once.

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