Autumn in a no no for SnB

I hate fall (or Autumn). I always hated the fall season, always found it depressing. Maybe it was due to the fact that the summer was coming to an end and (UGH!) school was starting. That was when I was a kid. I still hate it. I just don’t have the same ‘get up and go’ that I have in the summer months.

A big part of why I hate fall may stem from the fact that I live in a VERY rural area where hunting season means hide for three months. I love hiking, berry picking, trouting, and just about anything the outdoors has to offer…except for hunting. I don’t kill anything except the occasional black fly or mosquito. Hunting season means staying out of the woods unless one wants to get shot. Now they want hunting on Sunday, the only safe day to take to the trails with my camera.

In past years Autumn meant the time when my lady left home to finish her studies in University. Living in a rural area means a ten hour drive to the Capital city where the university is, so while I struggled to work here in town, my lady left for the big city to attend university. Thank heavens she has finished and is now working here in the area; but I still hate fall.

We had the most beautiful summer I can remember. In fact, we were treated to 65 days of hot, sunny weather, far more sunshine than poor KJ has ever witnessed living on the foggy east coast of the province (I guess that’s why she is heading to Florida for a vacation). Just a few days ago, a certain chill appeared in our air, the first sign that summer will soon be packing its bags, and stupid fall will take its place. Just great.

It is ironic that my birthday falls in the Autumn month of September. As a kid, that sucked. Being raised in a next to poor family, mom and dad usually spent all their savings on my school books, leaving them little to spend on my birthday. “What? You spent all your money on textbooks? My gift is textbooks? I hate Fall!”

Oh Well, enough complaining. Maybe we will have an indian summer where we see September and October weather turn seasonal as well…one can only hope…


4 thoughts on “Autumn in a no no for SnB

  1. I feel your pain. Fall isn’t my favorite season either.
    I like to use it to pause and recuperate from (what was hopefully) a good summer, and start making my plans for Winter, and the next spring.
    Hope you manage to roll with it and get through, SnB…

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