Close call on a dark road

While on my way home from a gig, a number of years back, I almost ended the life of another human being; and I still shudder to think of it yet.

I was driving on a dark road, just after a thunderstorm. Traffic was non-existent and I was tired. It was way past four a.m. and all I wanted to do was get home and catch some shut-eye. Up ahead of me my headlights lit the image of a garbage bag blowing in the wind. I would have ran the bag over, but I remembered that just a few weeks ago my dad ran a bag over and the bag stuck to his muffler, causing the car to stink, so I stopped to move the bag out of the road. How many times do we simply drive right over an empty bag or a piece of cardboard laying on the highway, without a second thought, but thank heavens I stopped.

It wasn’t a bag at all, but a young man who had too much to drink and passed out on the road, right across the yellow line. He had been wearing an oversized black leather jacket, which appeared to be a garbage bag. I shook him to wake him, and in a drunken stupor, he asked that I leave him alone. I didn’t, instead I helped him to his feet, found  out who he was, and called his parents on my cell phone. Thankful parents were quick to come to the aid of their foolish son. At that time, I doubt anyone thought of just how close I came to ending the life of one so young, but I did, and I still think of the fright I got. In fact, I am probably a bit of a pain to anyone driving behind me, as I make it a habit of pulling over and removing anything that may lay on the highway before me.

5 thoughts on “Close call on a dark road

  1. Good job! I can’t think of many that would do this. If i see a box on the road, I’ll slow down to see in there’s anything inside it. I have moved multiple turtles off the road.

    1. my sister had a similar incident when she stopped for a box that contained kittens. Seems someone put the box containing ten cute kitties with a large rock in the middle to secure it to the middle of the highway..some people

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