Month: July 2012

Monday morning rant: Foreign doctors

I hate going to the doctor. I hate it so much that I always ask for six months supply of medicine so that I don’t have to listen to his crap.  I visited my doctor last week because my diabetic prescription ran out. The doctor is a one half polish, one half east indian with an attitude. His nickname is Dr. Holiday because he is always gone. He has two clinics, one here on the west coast and a clinic somewhere on the east coast. Rumor has it that he also has several clinics in the Dominican and other places. He is very difficult to understand, speaking a mix of polish, east indian and english.

He is also a local slum lord, buying up property as fast as he can so that he can put desperate people into the shacks, and then charge them a fortune to live there.

When I dropped in for my regular six month visit (I don’t say checkup because he rarely gives me a checkup), he was especially vulgar. As some of you know, I am of Mi’kmaq descent, and because of this, I am entitled to free medical insurance. I asked if he could provide me with a referral so that I may visit the hearing specialist and get hearing aids. I am 80% deaf in my left ear, and this makes for difficult conversation!

He got very angry with this, saying that Indians are costing our federal government thousands of dollars, and that I am to blame. He then asks me what language I speak. I reply “English!” he says “I knew it!, you are no Indian, you don’t speak Mi’Kmaq!” What an asshole.

Here he is complaining that Native Indians are wasting federal money, and he is a Polish East Indian who came to Canada in the early eighties, and while he worked as a pizza delivery boy, the Canadian Government paid for his medical degree. Some one to complain.

He didn’t even get my prescription right. He gave me twice the dosage of one medication, and half the dosage of another. This gets worst. On my last visit, he recommended that I have blood work done, but he would not provide me with the referral to the hospital unless I booked another appointment. That way he could bill Medicare twice. Who is ripping off government now?

In this province, especially the outports, we lack doctors. Assholes like this realize this and abuse their patients, fully knowing that it is next to impossible to get a family doctor. While he is my doctor, I cannot move my services to any other doctor in the area. What a crock that is.

Before the visit ended, he began complaining that he heard Local Indians were now visiting reserves and buying their cars there to save taxes. I made sure to point out my new truck in the parking lot, the one I only bought last week….at a reserve.

Just saying!

since the weather has been absolutely unbelievable, I have not had much time to write anything. Here is an earlier post, and a tribute to my dad. Hope you enjoy


“Put on a fresh pot of tea”, my dad would always say, when this time of the day arose. We had been working hard since 7 a.m. this morning, and the hot sun wasn’t helping things one bit. On days where we had many hot days in a row, and the woods was dry, we would resort to bringing in the steel thermos, but on the rainy days, or days were it was sunny after a few days of rain, we would build a fire in a well cut area, and have a boil up.

There is something about a pot of tea made outside. Maybe it has something to do with the process of actually starting the fire and filling the old corn on the cob can with water that made the tea taste so good. Although drinking the hot tea from our trusty tin cups often burned our lips, to…

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Computer Lingo for the beginner

Working on computers and tutoring people in the use of them has brought many questions from customers. Below is a guide to the many new words created since the introduction of computers. I hope this helps clear the air for many of you:

I.P  – What happens when I drink too many beers

MAC Address  – Where Macdonald’s is

Mouse – the animal the cat likes to eat

Mouse Pad – where the mouse lives

Monitor – Keep an eye out for the cat

Keyboard – cheap piano

Software – comfortable jeans

Hardware – uncomfortable jeans

Blog – short for ‘black log’

Internet – special net used to catch fish

Internet provider – place to buy net to catch fish

USB – United States Business that buys fish

Google – rinsing of the throat

Firefox – what happens when fox gets too close to backyard fire

Safari – outdoors adventure

Internet Explorer – device used to peer into fishing nets

Windows – duh

Apple – duh

Text – letters of the alphabet

Printer – grade two kid

i-pad – my place

i-pod – two room apartment I used to live




It has been such a beautiful week, I haven’t had a chance to write anything. Here is one of my earlier works, a tribute to my late grandfather, and my namesake


“I hate the rain”, I used to say, and Grap would tell me that rain was important, and that we should welcome a bit of it every now and then. “But if it rains, we can’t work the hay”, I would say, and again, he, being such a positive man (and maybe somewhat of a poet), would reply “Then we can work another day”, “The rain helps the hay grow”.  He was always right about the rain, because soon after we had a few days of rain, we would be rewarded with days of sunny, hot weather. This is when the work started.

Grap had hundreds of acres of land, in which he grew hay to be harvested by his livestock, or where he planted fruit and vegetables. As a kid, I would carefully maneuver my little yellow ‘Banana bike’  in and around the potholes and up the gravel road…

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