A modern Day Fairy Tale

I miss a certain little boy. He was just a skinny little thing, afraid of his own shadow, afraid to speak his mind. He was a nice kid, at least thats what his momma said, whenever she got the chance.

The little boy had two sets of grandparents, and they all lived just a few blocks away from the little guy. His parents were kind people who gave him all the love he ever needed. His mom and dad were very young and were able to do all sorts of fun stuff with him such as going for walks, camping, and just being there for him.

The little guy had a few friends, but being shy and lacking confidence, almost nobody noticed him around. For years, he was an only child, but soon after, he was joined by three siblings who he loved to play with.

The little guy befriended a few other kids who lived next door. These kids were not as fortunate as the little guy, having parents who treated them very cruel and mean. The little guy witnessed this cruelty, and it managed to affect him in very painful ways, even causing him to nightmare from time to time.

He was an underachiever who constantly proved his teachers to be correct. The teachers and his parents met often, seeking answers to the same question, which was, simply put, ‘how do we get him to believe in himself?’

As the little guy grew into a bigger guy, and then into a man, his life was not an easy one. Finishing school with lackluster grades, he chose to work in his dad’s profession rather than seek a college education. He married young, to a woman who was as cruel to him as his childhood friends’ mother was to them, and with the damages he received from that experience, and from his lack of confidence, he said nothing to his cruel wife.

When his wife mentioned having children, the young man grew very excited. All he ever wanted was to be a dad, and to raise his children with as much love and kindness as his parents gave him. This would not happen though. The young man and his wife were not able to have children of their own. First his wife blamed herself, and then through intense tests, it was discovered that the problem laid with the both of them. She tried many procedures, some very costly, but in the end, the couple remained childless.

Having placed the blame on the young man, she embarrassed him when his friends were around, calling him ‘half a man’ and crying at the sight of young mothers and large families. His feelings were hurt so badly, but she showed no concern, laying blame as a way of coping.

The marriage did not last, and thankfully so. Things got so bad that the young man sought the advice of anybody who would listen, such as friends, and even clergy.

Coming from a religious background, the young man told his story to his minister. He told of the horrors his cruel wife bestowed upon  him, always blaming, always hurting him, and never showing any sort of love. The minister must have taken notice in the young man, as he warned that although the church did not approve of divorce, they also did not approve of suicide, and the minster feared that if the young man remained in this marriage, he may actually consider such an alternative. With this, the young man left his wife.

It took many years for the young man to get over this incident. His confidence already lacking, he lived through the rest of the eighties, through the nineties, and on into the two thousands, always alone, bouncing from one relationship to another.

Just when he was about to throw in the towel, the young man grew very sick. Doctors worked to revive him, to give him another chance. When the young man, now a middle aged man returned, he had a new outlook on life. He would no longer dwell in the past. He would move on, and do his best to succeed.

With this, everything changed for him. The middle aged confident  man met a beautiful woman who loved him with all her heart, and the two built a relationship that has lasted throughout the years. The middle aged man became a father to the woman’s son, and the three of them lived happily ever after.

To anyone who does not believe in fairy tales, I say that they can happen, and that wishes can come true. All those years ago, I was that little boy, and I am now the happy middle aged man who is so proud of how his life turned out. If you ever doubt that true happiness is possible, just look at how my life turned out. There is always hope, you just have to remember to keep wishing, and it will come true if you believe in yourself.

3 thoughts on “A modern Day Fairy Tale

  1. Damn, man! I’m sorry you went through all that bad. You’ve earned the good,and the old bad makes you more aware and appreciative of it. Some folks don’t know how good they’ve got it.

  2. Very inspiring SnB! You deserve all the happiness in the world. Your wife and son are very lucky to have you, too!

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