Disney? you mean that mouse guy right?

Last evening, my brother and I were talking about old times. When we were kids, we would anxiously await Sunday night, so that we could tune into The Wonderful World of Disney on CBC.

My son was eavesdropping as usual when he asked “You mean Disney, like Mickey and Donald?”

Well, from time to time, Mickey and Donald dropped by, but most of the time, we were treated to family oriented programs that Everybody could watch and enjoy, not just the kiddies.

With programs such as stories about lions and tigers, Bed Knobs and broomsticks, lost dogs and cats, Davy Crockett,  and just about everything imaginable, the entire family were entertained by the genius of Walt Disney. We were allowed to explore undersea adventures, and we followed a caped crusader who carved the letter ‘Z’ each week. Tunes like Davy Crockett King of the Wild Frontier and Disney’s themes filled my head as I whistled the melodies, and I feel like I grew up with Kirk Russell and Annette Funicello and the rest of the mouseketeers, often feeling like I lost some childhood friends with their absence from the small screen. Things just aren’t like they used to be. Too bad.

Nowadays, this type of entertainment has long since disappeared. If an adult want’s to enjoy a program with his kid, it seems that he has to put up with the antics of a rude sponge and a crowd of undersea creatures that drive the hell out of most sane individuals. We need another Walt Disney to restore family values.  Sure you can take your kid to a movie and spend some quality time, but at home, it is getting more and more difficult to find suitable television programming for the kiddies.

3 thoughts on “Disney? you mean that mouse guy right?

  1. Do you remember a short-lived series about Elfego Vaca, a poor young chicano who stood up to the armed gringo cowboys in a border town? Thirty years later, at the auto-parts plant, I was discussing Spanish translation with an ex-schoolteacher from Nicaragua, and found that Elfego Vaca, theme song and all, means *calf farts* in English. Some writers had a little in-joke that wasn’t quite family fare to Spanish speakers.

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