Disk Jockey’s Nightmare: stragglers

stragglers, they are a strange crowd
don’t see them on the floor even once
but when the night is winding down
and the crowd begins to thin
what’s that I see? people hiding in the back by the door
they are there, waiting, for what I am not sure

I think I seen one of them before,
requesting a song she never danced to, changing the pace of the music.
I take requests from all, but when I lose my dance crowd, it is a nuisance
an easy night, 90 per cent of the crowd is gone home,
Soon I will be back in my home, an early night is the best kind
nobody on the dance floor, thats my queue
they danced themselves out, I don’t have to stay, I am going home

I begin packing my equipment and they start
What? leaving already?
that party is just started
Hey, its 3 am, the party started at ten
we are just getting warmed up, you have to play more
so I sit and play more, and they disappear again.
I hate stragglers.
a DJ’s nightmare, that’s who they are
they never drank, they never once socialized
not sure whether anyone realized
I feel like telling on them for spite,
hell, I don’t think they had an invite
who are those people?
stragglers thats who

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