It has been such a beautiful week, I haven’t had a chance to write anything. Here is one of my earlier works, a tribute to my late grandfather, and my namesake


“I hate the rain”, I used to say, and Grap would tell me that rain was important, and that we should welcome a bit of it every now and then. “But if it rains, we can’t work the hay”, I would say, and again, he, being such a positive man (and maybe somewhat of a poet), would reply “Then we can work another day”, “The rain helps the hay grow”.  He was always right about the rain, because soon after we had a few days of rain, we would be rewarded with days of sunny, hot weather. This is when the work started.

Grap had hundreds of acres of land, in which he grew hay to be harvested by his livestock, or where he planted fruit and vegetables. As a kid, I would carefully maneuver my little yellow ‘Banana bike’  in and around the potholes and up the gravel road…

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