Paulie and the public washroom

On one of Paulie’s trips across the island, he found himself in need of the bathroom. He pulled into a gas station, and in a hurry, he ran to the nearest bathroom, ignoring a sign on the door. When he got inside the bathroom, he noticed not one but two toilets sitting next to each other. Dying to use the bathroom, he sat on the first one he got to, and did his business.

when finished, he went to flush the toilet, but noticed that there was no flush handle. He also noticed that the toilet had no plumbing running to it and that it appeared to be brand new. He also noticed that the toilet that stood next to it had an ‘Out of Order’ sign on it. With that, Paul took for the door, and towards his truck; but not before passing by a plumber whistling as he approached the bathroom. Paulie said that he could hear the curses all the way into the parking lot. I would say that plumber had a rather difficult evening thanks to Paulie ignoring the sign on the door, the one that read “Toilet in the process of replacement, do not use”

So much for clarity I guess.

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