Paulie and the Policewoman

My buddy Paulie never had respect for women. This got him into trouble in a number of occasions, but none to the extent of one particular situation.

Paulie worked at the Hibernia oil field. He used to drive the 12 hour trek every Sunday evening, and stay at the site all week. He did this in a one week on/one week off schedule.

On one of his trips home, he was particular grouchy and tired. He noticed a big white car in front of him on the highway who was driving 100km/h, the speed limit on the highway. Paulie had a habit of speeding, and passing every car on the road, but when he attempted to pass this car, the driver sped up. Fed up with this, Paulie hit the gas on his old truck, and although shaking and sputtering, he forced the old truck out around the white car and down the highway towards home.

Paulie noticed lights flashing in his rear view mirror, and he was quick to pull over. When the officer approached Paulie’s window, he opened it, and began a conversation with the lady police officer. She advised Paulie that she clocked him 50 km/h over the speed limit, and Paul defended himself by explaining that it wasn’t his fault.

“Everytime I went to pass that white car, the stupid bitch who was driving sped up. I had to pass her, she was too stupid to be on this highway anyway” He touted.

Paul thought that the officer understood why he was speeding until she alerted him that she was driving the Ghost car, a large White Ford LTD. “Sir”, she said, “I was the ‘stupid bitch’ you were trying to pass, in a no pass zone at that”

With that, she rewarded Paulie with a three hundred dollar ticket and wished him well.

True Story!

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