Trifecta: Grieving for my baby

I miss my baby, ya, I am grieving for ya now

As I watched you drive away, it made my heart go wow

I miss the comfort and the soft lines

and the way you turn heads, baby you are outta sight

I miss the way the sun shines on you

and the way you light up the night

I miss the way you make me feel

whenever you are around

whether we are in the country

or we are driving downtown

I love the way you get me home, never leave me stuck

I can’t believe my lady went to work, in our brand new Toyota Tacoma Truck

oh baby, at 33 grand, you were worth every cent

What? I love you too baby, you know what I meant

when she is gone, I am down on my luck

That’s right baby, I’m grieving for my truck

This is my response to  The Smashing Pumpkins Song: Thirty Three, and my entry into part three of this week’s Trifecta Challenge

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