Conne River eye Opener, or How I Saved the taxes on my new truck

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I had a nice experience yesterday, an eye-opening experience at that. I recently purchased a new pickup truck, and being a status Indian, I have the right to purchase a vehicle on a native reservation, and save the taxes on the vehicle. The reservation, Conne River, was a six hour drive from my home, but when I got to the reservation, I was very surprised.

Let me explain. Whenever a news station does a story on native Indians in Newfoundland and Labrador, they show people who neglect their children, are addicted to alcohol and to gas sniffing, and who live in an area that is very dirty. I have yet to see anyone do a news story on Conne River.

The community is very close knit and family oriented. At twelve each day, everything closes. This includes everything from gas stations to convenience stores, and the people go home to spend lunch time with their children. The people who live on the reserve are very friendly, and their yards are well cared for and very tidy. We took the time to take a drive around the community, and I must say, never have I ever visited a community where EVERY yard was so well kept. Everyone in Conne River has a job of some kind, and you can see it in the pride they keep.

I wish the news could report GOOD things sometimes, but I suppose only bad news sells papers. Too Bad!

3 thoughts on “Conne River eye Opener, or How I Saved the taxes on my new truck

  1. Nice to know there’s at least one good reserve. The one that abuts my home town is a little better now than it was but, like the town, the young with intelligence and drive have to move away, leaving only those who don’t give a damn, and are willing to live on government handouts. Want a bit of bureaucratic irony? The reservation fronts on Lake HURON, at its back is the SAUGEEN River, the government name is CHIPPEWA Hill, so the indians are….Ojibwa. Annishnabek.

    1. Again, my thoughts are correct. You only see the absolute worst reserves. I would say that there are plenty that are that bad, but there are also some good. The media are fascinated with horror stories.

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