to Archon: guide to adding a link

In my spare time, when I am not working, DJing a wedding, fixing computers, or enjoying the outdoors, I tutor people in the use of computers. I see that Archon is having difficulties inserting links so I created this guide to give him (and anyone else who needs this) a help in adding a link to his favorite blogger/website.

adding a link in wordpress is pretty simple once you get the hang of it. below is a step by step guide to adding links.

step one

Step two:

Step three:

Step four:

step five:

step six:

There you have it, an easy guide to adding a link. Any Questions?

next I will post guide to adding pictures. See you then!

3 thoughts on “to Archon: guide to adding a link

  1. Another great SnB tutorial.
    I prefer to run wires from my machine to the machines of all my readers. That way I know the links will always be there.
    And also explains why I rarely post more than twice a week.
    (Seriously, New Foundland is far!)

  2. Yeah, we’ve got the link thing down pat. I’ve had to use it every time I get one of those ubiquitous awards. Sticking pictures in is a whole new adventure. Appreciate the assistance!

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