add image: a guide

Working in and around wordpress can be pretty difficult if you don’t know how to do the advanced stuff. Well actually, some of it is not that advanced once someone gives you the basics. Below is a guide that (hopefully) explains how to add pictures to posts. I find it quite nice when I can add a picture to my post.

Step One

Step two:

Step three:

Step four:

Once this is done, your image is inserted into your post. You can go to preview to look at your work, and if you are satisfied, then Hooray! If you would like to remove or edit the picture, follow the next step:

Step 5

step 6

There you have it, simple instructions (I hope) to insert pics into your posts. Hope this helps guys!

4 thoughts on “add image: a guide

  1. An excellent guide.
    And much more economical than my method.
    I have an excellent set of watercolors and just draw each picture onto my screen.
    Sure, I go through a lot of monitors, but I buy them in bulk, so it works out…

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