ten year old tootsie roll

Being a diabetic, my blood sugars tend to drop from time to time. Quick fix is a hard candy, a juice pack, or a glucose tablet. When those items are not readily available, I bolt into panic mode.

This morning I was finishing up some work (finishing up this one year position at a high school actually) when I must have over did it. I could feel my body shut down, I got real weak and I shivered from the inside out (other diabetics know what I am talking about, non-diabetics may think this sounds crazy) and I lost all energy. A quick finger stab and a swipe across my glucometer and it said my blood sugars measured 3.3, which is dangerously close to comatose.

I paniced and dug into a pencil holder on my desk and found it….a Tootsie Roll candy. Just a little thing, but memories of those little candies when I was a kid brought back great memories, so I unwrapped it, and sunk my teeth into the candy. ‘KRUNCH’ my teeth entered into something that may have appeared to be a tootsie roll, but tasted a lot like soap. I tried everything to get rid of the taste, including breath mints, toothpaste, water, more water, more water, more toothpaste, mouthwash, and basically anything I could find.

I ended up getting sick and leaving work. I felt better after lunch, although I still have a taste of soapy dust in my mouth. I spoke to a co-worker and she believes that candy may have been there at least five or ten years. Moral of the story: Don’t judge a tootsie roll by its wrapper, or keep a fresh supply of hard candy on hand, or stored inside the glucometer case. I may learn someday….

3 thoughts on “ten year old tootsie roll

  1. Store Life Savers rolls everywhere.
    I have one in my car, one at my desk, one near my bed and one in each of my adventure bags.
    And change them out every so often. They don’t go bad fast, but they will eventually.

  2. I’d offer you an Easter Creme Egg, but some greedy bugger ate the last one.
    I don’t know whether it was KayJai’s site or Hellis’ where I first linked to yours, but I’m also glad I did.

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