the bike ride

I bought a bike today. The last time I bought a bike I was sixteen and it cost me a whooping $75. The last time I rode a bike any distance at all I was about eighteen, so you can imagine how sore I am tonight.

So many choices these days, and despite the advice I received from my bike fanatic buddy (who paid $2500 for his bike and rides 4000 km per year when I don’t even drive that far with my car) not to buy a cheapie, I did just that. Well, not cheap, I paid $207 for a bike that was regularly $419, so it wasn’t a cheap bike, just a CCM jobbie from Canadian Tire.

I foolishly hopped on the new bike and went for a three km ride down a woods trail. Hey, the bike is a crossover mountain/trail bike, so I figured it would be fun. It was fun on the way down, but the way back provided me with sore legs and an even sorer ass. Why do they make bike seats so brutally hard? My ass felt like I was raped or something. I fixed that once I got home though, a trip to Wal-mart and I now have a memory foam seat cover that promises to be kind to my sore cheeks. I will find out tomorrow I guess.

The ride was great though, you can really witness true nature on a bicycle. I spooked a partridge that was crossing the road, and while I stopped to rest my ass cheeks, I watched the wild hen strut herself across the road and into the woods. Partridges have the weirdest defense, and one that often ends up providing a great soup. They stay completely still whenever intruders show up, hoping that nobody notices them sitting right next to you. Many a partridge and their other delicious cousin the grouse have ended up in someone’s stew pot because of that defense. It was a great trip and the next time I go for a ride in the woods I promise to bring my camera and share some of the sights with ya…hope the seat cover works out.

2 thoughts on “the bike ride

  1. FUCKING awesome post! Oops, sorry, I was just over at KayJai’s. I gotta go get a beer and watch some hockey. I hope that new Walmart memoryfoam seat prevents prison-butt. Archon.

  2. How’s that foam working for you? I just went on a little ride myself yesterday. Unfortunately the bike sat so long in the garage that the tires didn’t have enoigh air. They lloked full when I pulled the bike out, but once I got on it they dropped by a third. Oh well. It made for great cardio.

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