What’s New?

First let me say that I have a terrible memory for names. People are constantly coming up to me and chatting (this being Western Newfoundland). Trouble is, I never know who they are, making the conversation one sided.

Last evening this scary dude and his female friend approached me. He knew me by name, and asked “What’s New Ted”. Not knowing where to begin listing what is new, I didn’t really say anything other than “Not much, you?”

He went on to tell me everything that has ever happened to him, right from grade school on to how he met and married his soul mate, who was standing next to him.  The whole time he spoke I just stood there, looking confused, wondering who the hell this guy is.

The one sided conversation went on for about fifteen minutes when he looks at me and says…”You aren’t Ted Fleming, are you? You didn’t go to my school and I wasn’t in your class, right? Damn I am so dumb. I must have been boring you all this time with all my chatter. I just thought I had found my best friend from my grade two class. Damn!”

What are the chances the he mistakes me for another Ted? At least my memory isn’t as bad as I first thought. A lot did happen to this guy though, good for him, at least he is happy.


7 thoughts on “What’s New?

  1. Oh my God that is awesome. I am awful with names too, but what I usually do when approached by someone I DO know but DON’T want to talk is pretend to be someone else. I’m not very friendly.

    1. Maybe it is the Newfie in me, but I always engage in some sort of conversation, unless the person offers some sort of threat to me. Of course I never did this when we lived in KJ’s neck of the woods, but here on the west coast of the island, things are different.

  2. That’s hilarious, and the same thing has happened to me – I have one of those “familiar faces” I guess…
    So will the two of you be going out for a beer now?

  3. Glad to hear I’m not the only one bad with names. If ti makes you feel better, I get people telling me their life stories all the time and they know that they don’t know me.

    Maybe I should become a Bartender.

  4. Apparently I look like a “manager”. I can’t count the number of stores I’ve been in, and been approached with, Where can I find?…Do you stock?…Can I exchange?… Notice the twenty people with green jackets and photo name tags? I’m in jeans and a polo shirt. I suppose I should be complimented. One woman said I just looked intelligent and knowledgable.

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