The end of the Cracker Jack dynasty?

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either kids are getting dumber, or companies are getting cheaper. I think maybe a combination of the two.

One of my favorite childhood snacks  was Cracker Jacks. Those caramel coated peanuts and popcorn snacks were soooo good. Of course nowadays they don’t taste half as good as they once did (probably due to the fact that my diabetes causes me to avoid great food like this)l; and now I find that they have chosen not to include the little plastic prizes inside each box of Cracker Jacks.

According to an article I read, the people at Cracker Jack (who apparently dress in little sailor costumes and resemble Donald Duck (why does Donald dress like that anyway, and while we are picking on Disney, why is it that Donald and Daisy (both ducks) and Micky and Minnie (mice) and even worst, Goofy (a dog) walks upright and speaks while Pluto is a normal dog who can only bark and wag his tail) I am getting sidetracked with this rant) have stopped putting prizes into each box in favor of stickers with jokes that are not funny instead, because some kids were choking on the plastic toys inside each box.

How stupid do you have to be to eat your Cracker Jacks, come across the toy (which is sealed in a paper envelope), open the envelope, and eat the toy? I think this was a corporate decision because of the rising cost of plastic…This just sucks. Just saying!

Hell, Cracker Jack snacks were a big part of my childhood, and I even collected the toys. Who will collect the stupid stickers? I had one that was a picture of a yo-yo, with instructions to put the sticker on your hand and moving your hand up and down, it will give the effect of a real yo-yo. Cmon, we aren’t that dumb…or are we?


3 thoughts on “The end of the Cracker Jack dynasty?

  1. I used to hate the peanuts, now I can’t get enough of them.

    Yes the prizes are complete crapulence these days, there used to be actual cool things in there, even just a simple spinning top. Unfunny jokes and this wierd foldy-portrait (who am I?) thing.
    We see all around how lawsuits can stem from those who think the spinning top is a mushroom.

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