The Robin’s Nest

As of late, KJ (or JK, I can’t get her blog name correct no matter how hard I try) has been writing about her husband’s exploits with a robin and the bird’s desire to erect (hehehe) a nest next to the KJ family.

I have had robins build nests near and on my house many times. There are some positive points to consider with this. The one I liked was the fact that every mosquito, June Bug, or other insect that considered entering my humble abode got eaten by Mrs Bird.

Mrs. Robin had quite the difficult time setting her nest on my house.  The light on the front porch had a flat base on top, but the lamp was made of aluminum, and was quite slippery, but after several attempts, she managed to attach her nest. She laid four little blue eggs, and I was able to witness them hatching. Each morning, she would return to the nest, worms in mouth, and feed her babies. She also fed them spiders and other bugs that would otherwise be ‘bugging’ me. One windy day, while Mrs. Robin was away, the nest blew down. I ran out to check on her little birdies, only to find that they had all fallen out of the nest. They were only a few days old. The nest was virtually destroyed.

With a combination of popsicle sticks, duct tape, some old grass from the bottom of the lawn mower, and the remains of her nest, I proceeded to repair the nest. Everyone said that once I touched the baby birds, the mother would no longer return, but I proved them wrong. I carefully put each little bird into the nest, except for one who didn’t survive the fall. I gave the little guy a decent burial in the back yard next to a cat I buried years before. I attached the repaired nest to the lamp using duct tape, and went into the house.

At first, mother robin flew many times around the nest, probably wondering what the hell happened to her nest, and her other baby. In time, she did return to the nest, where she fed the little ones, taught them to fly, and eventually the little bird family flew away.

The next year we did renovations to the house, replacing the flat topped lamps with lamps that were round on top. I never seen mother robin again, but I hoped that she did well, and that she is not the poor robin trying to build a nest for her babies in the mouldings of KJ’s house.


One thought on “The Robin’s Nest

  1. Yeah, me too cause she’s SOL at this point. Nest 1010 has been felled by Hubby’s broom handle once again. But fear not, she has constructed yet 2 more nest beginnings on the moldings and is hurriedly attempting to finish, because she knows once the nest is fully constructed, Hubby has promised he will NOT destroy it…he does have some semblance of a heart.

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